the Spirit of Atlanta

The Tower

  • Located on the valuable Interstate connector, just north of the

    famous Varsity restaurant.


  • Rises to a height of 123′.

  • 850,000 viewers daily!

  • The Message Center is a four-color matrix and the messages

    can be used to promote your company, your clients or the community.


  • Nearly 1,500 square feet of exhibition space located at the base of the structure.

  • Developed to symbolize the spirit of the people in Atlanta prior to the 1996 Olympics. One of few remaining icons from Atlanta’s 1996 Olympics.


Animation Attracts Attention

Moving images attract the eyes of consumers while traditional bulletins are stagnant and become part of the landscape. Electronic Message Centers provide advertisers with the ability to change their message in real time. When paired with permanent signage, they deliver a powerful combination of sales promotion and branded advertising.